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Advantages of Machine Loading Containers.Advantages of Machine Loading Containers.
1. Replaces manual labour, reducers workers compensation costs.

2. Maximising container loading weights / minimising container freight costs.

3. Minimising plant operating time per container.

There are two types of Browntree Container Loaders.

(Rear feed and L/H or R/H side feed) These machines are made to suit most plant Layouts. Both configurations load 20 Foot shipping containers very cost effectively.

They stow bags in containers direct from packing lines at speeds of up to 18 bags a minute and replace manual labour


L/H side feed Loader


Loading bags to the roof
Rear feed Loader

Some of the Products Loaded with Browntree Container Loaders.

All bagged Grains, Pulses, Floor, Starch, Pellets, Dog Food, Fertilizer, Cement, Soda Ash and many others.

Bag sizes range from 20kg to 60kg. Bag types Hessian, Woven polypropylene or paper.


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