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Pictures of Browntree Loaders installed in Australian / Overseas packing plants.


Browntree Container Loaders are built to international standards. The loading systems replace manual labour, and maximise container loading rates to minimise shipping freight costs.


Container Loaders built at our Port Adelaide plant.

1a JPG Right hand side feed Loader Ballarat Vic.   Lo_2a Rear feed Loader Horsham Vic.   Rear feed Loader Wagin W.A.
Left hand side feed loader Horsham Vic.  

Rear feed Loader Toowoomba Queensland .

  Rear feed Loader Geelong Vic .
Rear feed Loader Manildra N.S.W.   Commissioning of new Loader at Browntree.   Rear feed Loader Rupanyup Vic.
Special side feed Loader Fremantle W.A.   Rear feed Loader Forrestville W.A.   Overhead feed Loader Ballarat Vic.
Second rear feed Loader
Manildra N.S.W.
  Rear feed Dubai U.A.E.   Rear feed Loader
Donald Vic.
Side feed 40ft Loader
Barrett Burston Maltings.
  Side feed Loader Horsham Vic.  

Rear feed 40ft Loader
Joe White Malt Cavan S.A


Click here to see Container Loader movie.

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