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We offer a bag pusher that does away with pipe bars, wheels, etc. Our bag pusher is fast and reliable and will work at speeds of up to 20 bags a minute.

It is suitable for jute, poly, or paper bags ranging in size from 15 kg to 60 kg.
It is easily adjustable up or down to suit any size bag.
Bag pushing speed is also adjustable.

Bag pushers are included in our Autofeed systems with PLC control and can be easily adapted to fit existing packing lines. (click here to see)

Click here to see bag pusher pictures.


Picture on the right shows the end view of a Aqis Automatic grain sampler. The grain sampler is controled via a PLC, with a Touch screen interface. This allows the operator to simply change the sample drop and pulse time depending on the product being sampled.

We offer the Aqis automatic grain sampler as an extra option fitted to our Dual Net Weighers. The system can also be offered to fit other weighers a customer may already have.

Our Long and Short Autofeed Systems by default have all the software in place ready to operate the Aqis Automatic sampler.


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