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We process many types of grains and pulses for export.
Processing involves cleaning, grading, splitting and bagging.

Some of the products we process:

Wheat. Triticale. Feed Barley. Malted Barley. Oats. Canola. Safflower. Dun Peas. Kaspa Dun peas. Yellow split peas. Faba Beans. Split Faba Beans. Lentils. Split lentils. Vetches. kabuli Chick peas. Tyson Chick peas. Tyson Chick Peas split. Broad Beans all sizes 12-17mm. Broad Beans Split. Pearled Barley. Pearled Wheat. Speckled Lupins. Hamburg Lupins. Faba Bean broken’s suitable for animal feed. Split Pea broken’s suitable for animal feed. Rye corn.

Grains & Pulses processed at our Port Adelaide plant.
7a Broad beans over 16mm round hole screen.   Broad beans over 14mm screen.   Broad beans over 12mm round hole screen.
Whole Dun Peas machine dressed.   5a

Kaspa dun peas machine dressed.

  6a Yellow Split peas.
8a Yellow Split peas water polished .   9a Yellow Split peas light oil polished.   10a Yellow Split pea kibble.
11a Split fiesta faba beans.   12a Split fiesta faba beans water polished.   13a Split fiesta faba beans light oil polished.
14a Split broad beans.   Split broad bean kibble.   15a Wheat machine dressed.
16a Safflower machine dressed.   17a Rye corn.   Oats clipped and graded.

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